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Women & Wealth

Nov 29, 2022

With the fourth generation of family involved and over $2B in grants, the John Templeton Foundation has etched an enduring legacy. This Giving Tuesday, we asked Heather Templeton Dill—foundation president—for her thoughts on the keys to success.   

 Note to All Readers: The information contained here reflects the...

Oct 31, 2022

In Memoriam, we are re-releasing an episode we recorded in 2019 with a dear friend and colleague, Andi Kushner, who passed away two weeks ago. She was a gifted attorney who knew that in today’s litigious society, you need some basic protections. Her thoughts on the most common legal exposures that women face still...

Oct 18, 2022

Nicole Ledoux, co-founder of 88 Acres, went from the trading floor to the bakery floor selling nutritious, seed-based snacks. Hear how she pried open the door of opportunity—then left it ajar for others.

(0:52) - The seeds of a multimillion-dollar seed business — The amazing story of how Nicole co-founded 88 Acres.

Sep 20, 2022

Sports executive Donna Orender went from inking billion dollar deals at the PGA Tour to dialing for dollars as head of the WNBA. She shares the advice that helped her turn the league into the thriving venture it is today.

(1:00) - Being part of something bigger — How Donna found her way into sports at a time when...

Aug 16, 2022

Media mogul Anu Bhardwaj is reaching millions of women in emerging markets with her new app Sheqonomi. Will digital wallets put 2 billion women on the board?


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